The Department of Surgery gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following donors.

Dr. Alice Dee Ackerman and Dr. Sandy Lewis Fogel

Aesthetic Surgery Education & Research Foundation

American College of Surgeons

American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand

American Heart Association — Midwest

Dr. Gerald L. Andriole and Dr. Dorothy A. Andriole

Dr. Carlos Guerino Arcangeli

Mr. Jeff Asmussen and Mrs. Dottie Bellman-Asmussen

Michael Baker Jr. Inc.

Mrs. Mary Randolph Ballinger

Mr. Thomas S. Bannon and Mrs. Marquita L. Bannon

Mr. Scott Bazoian and Mrs. Tracy Bazoian

Ms. Candace Bennett

Bergstein Family Trust

Mr. Gary D. Bess and Mrs. Vivienne O. Bess

Dr. Bipin N. Bhayani

Dr. Thomas J. Blanke

Employees Community Fund of Boeing

Mr. Lawrence J. Bollinger and Mrs. Antoinette M. Bollinger

Dr. Keith Eric Brandt and Mrs. Tina Brandt

Mr. Stephen F. Brauer Jr.

Barrett Brown Foundation

Dr. Ross C. Brownson

Mr. William E. Caldbeck and Mrs. Diane Caldbeck

California Institute of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Inc.

Mr. William Hugh Canney Jr.

Dr. David A. Caplin

Mr. Lawrence J. Chase

Mr. Danny D. Christie and Mrs. Susan F. Christie

Dr. Ralph V. Clayman

CMT Real Estate LLC

Colon Cancer Alliance Inc.

Bert Condie III Family Foundation

Mr. Michael Edward Cosgrove and Ms. Mary Katheryn Cosgrove

Dr. John Stanley Dillon

Mr. Tom R. Dorsey and Mrs. Sue Dorsey

Mr. John P. Dubinsky and Ms. Yvette Drury Dubinsky

Ms. Christina M. Dudak

Dr. Harry L. Ellis

Dr. Ramsey Ann Ellis

Ms. Tina L. Eschenbrenner

James Ewing Foundation of the Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO Foundation)

Mrs. Robert S. Figenshau

Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Foundation for Surgical Fellowships

Dr. Leonard T. Furlow Jr.

Gateway for Cancer Research

Mr. Charles E. Giger and Ms. Deirdre K. Hirner

Dr. John M. Gold

Mr. Peter Gregg and Mrs. Patty W. Gregg

Dr. Daniel I. Gup

Dr. Eugene Hsiao

Dr. Donald V. Huebener

Mr. Jesse James and Mrs. Christine James

Myra Katz & Associates

Mrs. Raymond Keltner

Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research

Mr. Jonathan King and Mrs. Sara S. King

Dr. Ira J. Kodner and Mrs. Barbara Bottchen Kodner

Dr. Evan Raymond Kokoska and Dr. Mimi Gee Kokoska

Susan G. Komen Foundation

Ms. Diane M. Larkin

Dr. Nam Hoai Le and Mrs. Cyndi Le

LifeCell Corporation

The Longer Life Foundation

Mr. Thomas L. Maddox and Mrs. Susan S. Maddox

Mr. Thomas E. Mangan

Dr. Charles B. Manley and Ms. Kimberly J. Perry

March of Dimes Foundation

Mr. David Z. Martin

Dr. John P. McKearn and Mrs. Cassandra Smith McKearn

Midwest Stone Institute

Dr. Ronald B. Miller

Dr. Arthur Joseph Misischia

Dr. Manorama Mohapatra and Dr. Raj Mohapatra

Mrs. Mary Riedel Muckler

Dr. Seymour C. Nash

National Kidney Foundation-New York

Mr. David R. Neil and Mrs. Patricia A. Neil

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

Dr. George A. Oliver

Dr. William Frank Oppat

Dr. Havner H. Parish Jr.

Parkway Early Childhood Center

Dr. Harper D. Pearse

Ms. Janelle Phillips

Mr. Douglas J. Plasencia and Mrs. Beth L. Plasencia

The Plastic Surgery Foundation

Mr. Kent Pobanz and Mrs. Ardith Pobanz

Dr. Richard A. Prinz

Mr. John A. Raber

Mr. Al Recht and Mrs. Maureen Ann Recht

Dr. George F. Reinhardt

Dr. Joseph Anthony Reinkemeyer

Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research

Dr. Malcolm R. Rodger III

Mr. Robert A. Rosenthal

Dr. Robert K. Royce

Marc & Helen Rubenstein Philanthropic Fund

St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation

Dr. James E. Schiele

Mr. John A. Schrefer and Mrs. Sally L. Schrefer

Dr. Kathleen B. Schwarz and Dr. Frederick H. Schwarz

Mrs. Ann Seabaugh

Mr. Donald J. Sher and Mrs. Shirley Sher

Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES)

Mr. Arthur W. Spellmeyer lll and Mrs. Mary L. Spellmeyer

Mrs. Joan Stephens

Stephens & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Paul T. Stockmann and Mrs. Suzanne Stockmann

Mr. Michael D. Straube and Mrs. Linda M. Straube

Mr. John A. Tarpoff

Dr. Matthew R. Thom

Dr. Lewis J. Thomas Jr.

Mr. Scott Edwin Thomas

Mr. Robert L. Timken and Mrs. Jill Timken

Dr. Gary Lee Timmerman

Dr. Leonardo Valentin

Mr. Jon Vaninger and Mrs. Patricia A. Vaninger

Mr. Mark B. Vittert and Ms. Carol Elizabeth Holt Vittert

Dr. Wesley C. Walker

Dr. Renata V. Weber

Worldwide Cancer Research

Mr. Stuart Zimmerman and Mrs. Kathy Zimmerman